When Opportunity Knocks

View from Kapuzinerberg, Salzburg. (Picture taken by me, Feb 2019)

The ancient wisdom always says “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” But, what if you have several doors and opportunity knocks on them? Which door that you should open?

That thing comes to my mind in this past few months, thinking what should I do next. It feels like what Nagasawa said to Watanabe in Norwegian Wood playing again in my mind ”When you’re surrounded by endless possibilities, one of the hardest things you can do is pass them up. How can you ignore it? You have a certain ability and the opportunity to use it: can you keep your mouth shut and let it pass?”

Knowing that you have the opportunity, knowing that you have the ability, can you let it pass?

As I exercise my options, try to come up with the best judgement that I can, I realise that one narrative exists, there, deep inside in my mind: is it align with what I want in the future? The best decision will be something that fulfil my happiness, something that wouldn’t cost my peace in the long term. So, some guideline that I use when deciding this matter :

  • Is it something that you like?

I forget where I read it, but there’s saying that you shouldn’t do something that you hate, otherwise you will be really good at it and there’s no turning back. (Except for some context, it might happen that you will love it once you master it)

  • How’s the package?

Understand the whole context of scenario is important. Instead of deciding whether you should do job in multinational company or startup, you should judge the company as a whole package. How’s the environment? How about the people? How’s the benefit of working there?

Another example will be for studying abroad. Instead of only state the fact that you want to study abroad, it will be better if you can decide the country as well, such as study in UK/US because you don’t need to study another foreign language or study music in Austria, because Mozart is from there.

  • How’s the money?

Money is important because it can give you freedom. I am not saying that you should be a top billionaire, but with enough money, we can perform daily (or extra) activities without worrying about basic necessities.

I remember few years ago, someone asked me what is money for me. That time, I answered money is like air. You should have enough of it, otherwise you can have problems.

  • Is it align with your priority?

We always have one (or some) important thing that we would like to prioritise. For some people, it might be family, others might be career or beauty. Whatever it is, deep down, you always know, you feel empty when it is not fulfilled.

As I evaluate my options, I imagine scenario for each opportunity, and I begin to understand which one that I should choose. It still hard to pass another opportunity, especially the one that you know you have ability to go with. However, let’s hope I make best judgement for now.

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