The Things That Matter

Have you ever felt that you just trying to complete your routine and not intentionally living your life?

Have you ever felt so upset for things that actually not having that much impact in your life?

Last year, I have an online mentoring session with a lady from Microsoft. So, I shared with her that I felt I was just doing routine activities, not really intentionally living my life. She shared with me her story that left me with a lasting impression.

She said that everyone has priorities or things that matter in their life. For her, it is her family. She said that it was unbelievable when she saw her calendar and realised that she couldn’t attend most of her family gathering because of other appointments. Since that moment, she plans her calendar and always make sure that her activities align with her priorities. She consciously makes plan for family lunch or dinner and ensures that she always be there.

“It is conflicting how we say that our priority is something, but actually we don’t really do thing that aligns with it.”

Seoul, Korea (picture was taken by me)

So, how many times do you think your family or friends matter, yet you rarely call them?

How many times do you say that constant learning process such as reading is important, but from 24 hours that you have, the time that you allocate for that activity is very less compared to watching movies or scrolling instagram feed?

How many times do you say that you want to maintain your health, yet you eat junk food and never exercise?

How many times do you get angry about some strangers discussing things on the internet?

So many conflicting things have been done that do not represent the things that you think are matter.

So, before we put (and waste our) effort on to something, ask yourself “Does it really matter? Is it my priority?”